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This is your sample deals page. Upload Photos and and as many samples as you wish.

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Page Caption - This is the name or caption that goes under your photo or at the top of the page if no photo is present.

Page Rank - This is the rank or sort order that your Sample Deal Pages will be displayed in. The Sample Deal Page with the lowest rank (e.g. 0,1,2,3,etc.) will be displayed on your public Private Lender Website Sample Deals Page. The remainder of the pages will be displayed in the form of a popup slide show when the Sample Deal links are clicked.

On or Off - This is your Sample Deal Page on our off switch. Here you can turn on or off certain sample deal pages without having to delete them.

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Deal Pages - Once you've added at least one Deal Page, the page will reload and you will see your existing Deal Pages at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the photo, the caption or the edit link next to a particular deal will reload the Deal Page in edit mode where you can modify the existing deal. Upon completion, press the "update" button and your changes will be save and the page reloaded once again in Add mode. To delete a Deal Page, open it up in edit mode as instructed above and press the "Delete" button.

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